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Cruzebooze was established by a couple of service-minded friends in Melbourne with a dream to make low-cost reliable alcohol delivery a reality.


What you need to know?

Cruzebooze is an approved, registered, and responsible supplier of alcoholic beverages. Cruzebooze, under different guises, has been operational for years now and we have been supplying our customers with beers, wines, and spirits and other related alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages that you may need.

Alcohol delivery

To ensure that we deliver at your doorstep or at any of your preferred locations without delay, we are conveniently located near the inner city and transportation nodes.

A restaurant favourite

So, we sell and deliver whiskeys, beers, red wine, white wine, spirits, and other forms of alcohol and liquor to homes and businesses across Melbourne such as restaurants or even in your events such as receptions and weddings.

With our location in Melbourne and with the readily available efficient and reliable logistics, we wait for you to place your order, which we then deliver. Cruzebooze is all about getting the people of Melbourne their alcohol delivery done right.

Let’s Work Together

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